Saturday, August 6, 2011


Moving. YAY. Brad was tired. Haha. The next one was of him yawning. :)
Who knows where we got all that junk!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Align Center
Gotta watch out for that blowing dust area...

ONE MORE HOUR! We were so excited about the 32-hour drive coming to an end...
Garmin politely tells us when we're going over the speed limit. Hahaha.


32 hours of driving, 7 states, 1 car, 2 people, no leg room and as much of our stuff as we could stuff in our car made for one rockin' cross-country road trip.

7/30 - Texas (most of the day, guh) & New Mexico

7/31/11 Colorado (just a little bit) & Utah.

Gotta love Utah.

8/01 - Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Lame OR & WA don't have signs you can stop and take pictures at. Hence the lame pics to follow...

Kind of cool, but we obviously couldn't stop to take a pic.

Washington's sign is in the middle of this super long bridge that doesn't even have a shoulder. Besides that, the "Welcome to WA" sign is about the size of a 11x14 poster. So small that my reflexes didn't even almost capture it...
C'mon Washington! LAAAAME.

But! We made is safely across the country, and what a great trip it was.