Thursday, September 26, 2013

The future.

As I was doing dishes tonight, I stopped mid-washing and looked up to find Bradley studying.

Now, with a law student (who is concurrently getting another degree) in the home, this isn't an uncommon occurrence. I've seen him there before. Swim gear hanging out to dry when he gets a spare hour to swim. Back pack open, books all over the table, sitting on a chair that needs a new cushion, working hard for his education.

But when I looked up from dishes this time, instead of seeing him as he is now, I saw the future. I saw all of the hard work this man would continue to do for our future family. I saw the late nights and busy schedules. I saw the sacrifices we'd make, the sacrifices he'd make. I saw him sitting at our dinner table again, probably with different surroundings. Maybe a newer table and newer carpet, his swimming bag in it's proper place. Maybe with little kids running around.

And then I saw where we'd been. Worrying about jobs after we got married. A couple nights in the hospital for my appendectomy. Getting into Law school and my program. Late nights wondering what we'd do after we were done. Deciding that Brad would get his second degree. Seeing God's hand direct us in our life. We haven't had much time together. Only three years. But enough to have made sacrifices already. Enough to have had problems and trials. Enough to have built the foundation that will carry us into the future.

And as I stood there, looking at him, I smiled.