Saturday, February 9, 2013

We are GU.

It has been forever, hasn't it?? I swear. Blogging is at the very bottom of my list, but something exciting happened today, and I wanted to share!!

Today was totally normal otherwise. I slept in a little bit then went with some friends to study at 10ish and didn't come home until around 2:00ish. When I got home, Brad picked up his keys and ran out the door saying, "I'll be back in 30 minutes. I've got a surprise! You're going to love it!!" The word "surprise" peaked my interest, and I was racking my brain thinking about all of the surprises he could be bringing back. Good for him, I'm not a good guesser, and my only three guesses were: chocolate (likely), flowers (semi-likely) or J.Crew Jeans (extremely unlikely). Hahaha. I had no idea. I'd make a terrible detective.

Anyways, so I was sitting at the window waiting for him to get back, and I see him with a little envelope in his hands, and I'm like, "Huh?" So he comes in and hands me the envelope, and I'm super confused, and I open it's two tickets to the game tonight!!!! Oh my gosh! I was so excited, I teared up!! I was jumping and down and screaming. I was so happy!! YAY!!!! We had an absolute blast, had awesome seats and had some Zips afterwards where we talked and talked and talked and talked. I loved it. It was the best night. I love my hubs.

 Before the game!
 Yay for awesome seats!
 The student section was fantastically fun to watch! They have these awesome poster-sized heads of all the players. Oh my gosh. The best thing ever! Some of our favorite cheers were "Take his whistle" when that dumb ref kept making super dumb calls and singing "Na-na-na-na Goodbye!!" to players that fouled out (2)!
The awesome view!


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